Next Steps

At Wayne Hills Baptist Church, we believe church membership is both Biblical and practical. We encourage all regular attenders to prayerfully consider joining WHBC and partner with us as we seek to love one another and advance God's Kingdom.

There is a multi-step process to join WHBC. 


Next Steps Class

All prospective members must attend a "Next Steps" Class. The class typically consists of two, forty-five minute sessions highlighting  a variety of topics related to membership at WHBC. 

Next Steps classes are scheduled as needed. 


Pastoral Interview

Prospective members meet with Pastor Jamie or Pastor Will to discuss membership related information and to provide their testimony of faith in Christ.

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Elder Review

The Elders will consider the prospective members testimony of faith.


Upon receiving their collective recommendation, the process continues to the final step: church affirmation. 


The prospective member does not need to meet with an elder.


Church Affirmation

Approved prospective members will be presented to the church following a worship service. 


The purpose of this presentation is to affirm and celebrate the decision of the approved member to join Wayne Hills.  

If you are interested in learning more about WHBC, or are ready to take the next steps to membership, please contact Pastor Jamie or Pastor Will at

and complete the:

 Next Steps Registration Form

If you've ever had questions about church membership, or are uncertain about its importance, click below: 

Biblical Foundations for Church Membership